MV Production

The interior base pipe is made of PE-RT polyethylene (raised temperature resistance) and constitutes the basis for the production of our composite metal pipes. A fine adhesive layer is applied to it, and then the pipe is coated with an aluminium layer. This aluminium layer ranges in thickness from 0.2-0.8mm, depending on pipe dimension.

The longitudinally butt welded seam ensures minimum ovality throughout the pipe. An extra adhesive layer ensures a firm connection of the outer layer (a PE-HD) with the other layers. This creates the multi-layer composite pipe that meets top industry standards for heating and sanitation.
Inherent stability and attractive pipe appearance make this the ideal solution for installation in all exposed areas.

Technical Data

  • Max. operating temperature 95° C *
  • Max. operating pressure 12 bar *
  • Min. bending radius 5 x d (without bending tool)
  • Thermal expansion 2,3 x 10-5 1/K
  • Installation temperature > -15° C

* These maximum values do not apply for combinations

Pipe Dimension Water Content Weight per 100m
14 x 2.0 0.08 l/m 8.8 kg
16 x 2.0 0.11 l/m 10.5 kg
18 x 2.0 0.15 l/m 14.8 kg
20 x 2.0 0.20 l/m 15.8 kg

Customized dimensions and requirements on request.

Areas of Application

Metal Composite Pipe - Areas of Application
  • Areas with high pressure and temperature requirements
  • Area heating systems for walls, floors and ceilings
  • Cooling systems for floors and ceilings
  • Sanitary systems for cold and hot water supply
  • Radiator connections
  • Riser and distribution pipelines for heating and sanitation


  • Suitable for all uses in heating and sanitation technologies
  • High form stability
  • UV resistance
  • High temperature resistance
  • High pressure resistance
  • 100 % oxygen and diffusion proof