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Welcome to gabotherm

gabotherm is an expanding company based in Niederwinkling, Bavaria.

Quality Assurance

Incoming goods inspection of the granulated material

Melt index and volatile constituent tests

During production

– Ongoing inspection of outer diameter and ovality using laser measurement devices
– Surface properties
– Monitoring the pipe wall thickness using ultrasonic technology

Labelling the pipes with all the relevant data

Company, code designation, dimension, pipe class, DIN number, lisence number, extruder number, production date, time, residual length

Quality assurance

Per production line / per day or product change for one line, test items are checked using the following quality assurance control

Quality Inspection

Microscopic analysis
Qualitätssicherung Mikroskop
Tests the homogenity of the material or testing the individual layer thickness, e.g. primer and barrier layer
Tensile testing machine
Qualitätssicherung Zugtest

Elongation of rupture in the pipe.

Creep rupture behavior & Thermal treatment
Quality Inspection
Simulation of long-term pipe use: test duration of min. 1000h at 95°C and pressure test (sigma-value depends on material). This corresponds to an operation of about 50 years.
Heating of the pipes to a minimum of 100°C, then testing for possible elongations or surface defects

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