gabotherm has been successfully using the thermoplastic base material polybutene and processing it into high quality pipes for more than 50 years. The special material properties permit the production of highly flexible gabotherm PB pipes  which are easy to lay even at low temperatures.
Polybutene is subdivided into two material groups; grey and ivory-coloured base material. The grey base material is tasteless and is therefore suitable and approved for use in sanitary and heating installations.

The ivory-coloured base material is only suitable for heating purposes. After the extrusion, the pipes are spooled on large drums and then have to crystallise for about one week. The finished products are not cleared to leave our factory until the crystallisation process is complete and relevant creep behaviour tests have been carried out. After testing, our products demonstrate the optimal qualities required.

Technical Data

  • Max. operating temperature 95° Celsius *
  • Max. operating pressure 10 bar *
  • Min. bending radius 6 x d
  • Thermal expansion 1,3 x 10-4 1/K
  • Installation temperature > -5° Celsius

* These maximum values do not apply to combinations

Pipe Dimension Water Content Weight per 100m
10 x 1.3 0.04 l/m 2.9 kg
14 x 2.0 0.08 l/m 8.0 kg
16 x 2.0 0.11 l/m 9.3 kg
18x 2.0 0.15 l/m 10.7 kg
20x 2.0 0.20 l/m 12.0 kg

Customized dimensions and requirements on request.

Areas of Application

  • Area heating systems for walls, floors and ceilings
  • Cooling systems for floors and ceilings
  • Sanitation systems for cold and hot water supply
  • Radiator connections
  • Geothermic applications
  • Compressed air systems (indoor)
  • Laboratories


  • Very high creep strength
  • High flexibility even at temperatures as low as -5°C
  • Low creep behaviour ensures safety in press fittings, clamp and plug connections
  • Low thermal expansion
  • Excellent chemical resistance allows for diverse areas of applications (itemisations essential)
  • Small bending radii and small pipe diameters are ideal for special or tailor-made customer solutions